The Bangkok Night Bike Tour

When I started as the Thailand country manager with Grasshopper Adventures in October 2013, I had not really ridden a bike in about 13 years. I had had back surgery in 1995 and believed that cycling was a bad thing for my back. I was soon to discover that biking was actually really a good thing and something that I would come to love in the next few years.

The first bike tour that I went on was the company’s most popular night tour, The Bangkok Night Bike. This is a night tour of Bangkok which takes you to three of the most famous tourist sights in Bangkok after hours: the Temple of the Dawn, the Pak Klong Flower Market and Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

This tour give you an intimate and scenic introduction to the history of the founding of Bangkok.

With my background in community-based tourism one of the first thoughts on going on this tour was that we were going through some pretty amazing communities but the tour was itself did not introduce us to those communities. It only told us about the history.

Over the next few years, one of my greatest pleasures was to develop day and night night bike tours which gave our customers a more intimate experience with the inhabitants of Bangkok.

Temple of the Dawn/Wat Arun
Wat Arun or the Temple of Dawn is where Bangkok gets its name from. The original community was call Bang Makok or Settlement of the Hog Plum Tree.

If you are interested in this Bangkok Night Tour or other cycling tours, you can book directly on Grasshopper Adventures Website.


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