The Foundation of Good SEO for Tour Webpages – Title Tags

Sadly, gone are the days when you can add a dreamy, poetic or romantic tour name to your tour. (Well, maybe with some creativity it might be possible.)

If you want customers to find your tour page in a search engine search, you will need to have 3 things in the title tag of your webpage:

  1. The key geographic location of the tour. Where it happens or where starts and where it finishes. For example: Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
  2. Something that tell the customer what kind of tour it is. So, as I develop bike tours these days, I would be title my page something like this: Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Bike or Cycle Bangkok to Chiang Mai.
  3. Is there a description which could give the customer an expectation of what the tour would be like? So, it add to our example: 10 Day Adventure Bangkok to Chiang Mai by Bike or Cycle Bangkok to Chiang Mai – a 10 day Adventure.

As you can see the tour title is not terribly romantic, but it will do the trick for anyone wanting to find a bike tour from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Now that you have the title tag, the copy of your webpage will need to be consistent with your title.  Your may keywords should appear within the first few lines of text.

Also do not neglect to create a description tag, using this same keywords. While description tags per se are not indexed, they are the snippets the customer will see under the search engine listing and therefore, tell the customer what they will find on the page.  The real success of optimizing your page for SEO is that you are successful in attracting your real customer to your page. If you are successfully able to do this, Google will award you with a good ranking.

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